Understanding Clean Beauty: Myths, Facts, and Halo42's Perspective

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What is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty. We all think we know what it means—products with natural and organic ingredients. Or maybe it’s the packaging those products come in, ensuring they are housed in containers that don’t leach chemicals and are recyclable. But is that what “clean beauty” really means?

The Ambiguity of Clean Beauty

A recent article in Vogue points out there is actually “no formal definition of clean (retailers and brands self-define the term).” While the EU banned or limited more than 1,600 ingredients for cosmetics, the U.S. clocks in at only 11 restrictions.

Marketplaces like Credo only carry products that earn its clean stamp of approval—ensuring they are safe, sustainable, ethical, and transparent in terms of ingredients, manufacturing process, the product itself, and the packaging. However, not all products marketed as clean fall under these strict guidelines. If that leaves you feeling confused about what “clean beauty” is, chances are you aren’t alone.


The Importance of Defining Clean Beauty

Why is Clean Beauty Important?

So, how do we know what clean beauty is and why it’s important? And exactly how important is clean beauty? The true answer might surprise you. 

The Vogue article interviews six beauty experts to get their take on what clean beauty means to them, since the topic seems to be subjective. And that got us thinking. If there is no true definition of what clean beauty is, we need to let you know what clean beauty means to us at Halo42.

Halo42's Perspective on Clean Beauty

Halo42 co-creator Mark Turnipseed shares, “After reading the article, I think Ann Jackson at the very end has the best summary of clean beauty. Clean beauty is something we should all strive for, and it plays a role in every aspect of the product, including its production. Beyond making claims about clean beauty, there should be an oath to transparency. Most of the brands mentioned in this article are not clean at all.”

When broken down by Credo’s standards, it’s clear why transparency is vital. Turnipseed continues, “I believe, much like with diet, maintaining a perfectly clean regimen is impossible and arguably not ideal. Many things we consume may not be ‘clean,’ yet our body processes them into waste without causing permanent damage, like occasionally eating a couple of hot dogs.”

Balancing Clean Beauty and Effective Compounds

“At Halo42, we don't believe that clean beauty is the only way, and we don't fear using certain highly effective compounds. We promote a healthy understanding of the pros and cons, the benefits and the risks, and we aim to be completely transparent. We endorse both a clean lifestyle and the balance of certain dermatologic advances that can greatly help people, like our treatment-based Zinc Sulfur Mask. This mask is not a clean beauty organic product, but when used appropriately, it causes no harm.”

Clean Beauty as a Marketing Term

Another article from March 2023 in The Cut states, “Clean beauty is a made-up marketing term meant to convince you that a product is harmless. Similarly, natural beauty is meaningless. What I hope will not be meaningless: the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act, a regulatory overhaul that became law at the end of last year and will enforce greater oversight of cosmetic products and facilities. (Unbelievably, it’s the first major update to the FDA’s cosmetics regulations since 1938.)”

Using Beauty Products in Moderation

Much like Turnipseed’s statement about diet, The Cut article suggests that as long as products are not loaded with toxic chemicals, using them in moderation is not unsafe. Simply because something is not organic doesn’t mean it’s going to harm you. The human body comes with its own filtration system, which is often more effective than a brand convincing you their product is completely organic—a hard find in this day and age.


Clean beauty remains an evolving concept, heavily influenced by personal interpretations and marketing strategies. At Halo42, we strive to balance the ideals of clean beauty with the effectiveness of advanced dermatologic treatments, always prioritizing transparency and the well-being of our customers.

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