The New Full-Body Experience Copaiba Collection

The New Full-Body Experience Copaiba Collection

Experience Our Copaiba Collection 

    If you have been around throughout our first year then you have more than likely come into contact with Copaiba, from our best selling Body Elixir. Copaiba is a botanical treasure cherished for its unparalleled anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating properties. This collection, carefully curated with Tim Quinn's expertise, brings you a selection of meticulously crafted products that harmoniously transform your skincare routine.

Copaiba Anti-Aging Eye Serum


   Experience the magic of Halo42's Copaiba Anti-Aging Eye Serum, a creation close to Tim Quinn's heart. This serum, enriched with the essence of Copaiba, targets signs of aging around the eyes. Tim's artistic touch ensures that the application helps diminish fine lines and puffiness, revealing eyes that radiate youthful vibrance, while also being supportive to your make-up routine. BUY NOW

Halo42 Copaiba Balancing Body Wash


Elevate your daily ritual with the Copaiba Harmony Body Wash, a favorite of Tim Quinn. With copaiba at its core, this indulgent cleanser caresses your skin while preserving its natural moisture. Immerse yourself in the alluring fragrance that Tim believes brings a touch of tranquility to each wash, leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated. BUY NOW

Halo42 Copaiba Soothing Face Cleanser



Uncover skin serenity with the Copaiba Soothing Face Cleanser, another gem endorsed by Tim Quinn himself. Designed to cleanse without compromise, this gentle formula harnesses the innate antimicrobial properties of Copaiba for a complexion that exudes balance. Tim's dedication to excellence ensures a cleanser that nurtures your skin to its most luminous state. BUY NOW

Halo42 Copaiba Infused Body Elixir


Ignite your skin's radiance with the Copaiba Glow Body Oil, a creation that resonates deeply with Tim's artistic sensibilities. Blending Copaiba with enriching oils, this luxurious elixir is an embodiment of Tim's belief in skincare as an art. The oil's gentle caress on damp skin seals in moisture and envelops you in a revitalizing aroma, inviting you to embrace your own beauty masterpiece. BUY NOW


Final Thoughts

Copaiba, after traveling to the amazon and experiencing the culture, holds a special place in Tim Quinn's heart. He feels that it has influenced his journey beyond makeup artistry allowing him to access himself deeper, expanding his creative flow and personal purpose.

His dedication to enhancing natural beauty and mental health aligns perfectly with the transformative qualities of this cherished ingredient and the culture from where it comes. Together with Halo42, Tim invites you to embark on a transformative skincare journey, discovering the profound effects of Copaiba and unveiling ageless, luminous skin with the Copaiba Infusion Skincare Collection made in Charleston, SC. Now $311

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$366 Now $311


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