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What, exactly, is Copaiba? Where does it come from? Why is it something you need in your skincare products? And what’s this news about it as a healing agent? 

The Skinny:

  • Copaiba's Significance : Copaiba resin, used in all Halo 42 skincare products, is acclaimed for its skin healing properties, including collagen regeneration, blemish reduction, and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Ancient Origins : Sourced from the trunks of South American trees, Copaiba has been utilized since ancient times for various health benefits.

  • Skincare Benefits : Halo 42’s Anti-aging Eye Oil, featuring Copaiba, is designed to address fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles under the eyes, and is suggested to be part of a daily makeup routine.

  • Healing Properties : Copaiba has demonstrated antimicrobial and pain-relief properties, effectively inhibiting certain bacterial growth and providing relief from conditions like arthritis when used in conjunction with other products.

Want to know more? Let's dive in!

How Halo42 Learned About Copaiba

Tim Quinn Finds out Copaiba Saved Mark Turnipseed's Life

Tim Quinn and Mark Turnipseed in PeruThere’s one thing that ties all of Halo42’s products together: The power of Copaiba. You’ll find it in Halo 42’s Face and Body Oil Spray, Anti-aging Eye Oil, Face Cleanser and Body Wash. Back when Tim and Mark were researching ingredients for the Halo42 product line, they stumbled across one that had saved Mark's life after a diagnosis with COPD. The Doctors told him he would be on oxygen by the age of 36, but luckily his ex-wife taught him about copaiba, an oil that can relieve cardiovascular stress. After explaining this to Tim, their adventures took them to the headwaters of the Amazon in Peru, where they learned about Copaiba, a precious resin with health benefits for the skin. Its history is steeped in ancient wisdom and local experts taught them about Copaiba’s properties. It’s known to regenerate collagen, reduce the appearance of blemishes, even fade discolorations from hyperpigmentation. And that’s why Copaiba is a main ingredient in Halo 42’s clean beauty line. 

Tim Quinn in Peru

So Where Does Copaiba Come From?

So where does Copaiba come from? It’s inside the trunk of several leguminous South American trees. It’s been around since ancient times, being used by native people for a variety of things. As modern culture gets back to its roots and begins to look to the Old World for natural remedies, we’ve discovered the science behind Copaiba is centered around its anti-inflammatory properties, slowing down the amount of oxygen radicals that can lead to cell damage. Imagine taking that aspect and applying it to skincare. Suddenly, you can expect more from your Anti-Aging Eye Oil when it comes from Halo42. So long fine lines, and hello, soft, supple skin. Halo42 Anti-aging Eye Oil also minimizes puffiness and dark circles. By blending Copaiba with jojoba oil, calendula officinalis flower oil, organic rosemary leaf extract and tocopherol shield, Halo42 Anti-aging Eye Oil is packed with potent antioxidants to help you achieve a well hydrated, rested under eye appearance. 

Copaiba Tree

Works with Make-Up

Work Halo42’s Anti-aging Eye Oil into your makeup routine, too. As highlighted in a recent New Beauty article, Tim says if you want a glowing, youthful complexion at any age, the secret lies in skin preparation. “I love doing a radiant, natural look with subtle enhancements.” After applying the hydrating eye oil, keep things dewy with foundation and top with a drop of Halo42 Face and Body Elixir. Apply foundation with a damp Beauty blender and you’re ready to face the day, like Tim did for Christie Brinkley on her Red Carpet night published in people magazine.

Christie Brinkley Anti Aging Secrets

Copaiba antimicrobial benefits and more

Copaiba also helps heal wounds with antimicrobial properties. A study in 2016 showed it inhibited bacterial growth even in low concentrations against the bacterial strain staphylococcus aureus. And there’s proof it provides pain relief, too. When mixed with a muscle salve and massaged onto an ailing area, Copaiba offers relief from arthritis. Toss in how this study shows how it can help reduce the size of bites and bumps from parasites that cause leishmaniasis and Copaiba might just be the cure-all we never knew how much we truly needed. 

Taking those aspects and combining it with Halo42’s Body Wash brings a whole new aspect to washing away the impurities in your day. Combining Copaiba with betaine and L-arginine brings a radiant, youthful glow to your daily showering routine. The healing aromatherapy infused in the body wash completes the experience. If your body wash can help heal, protect and tap into ancient properties, why would you pick anything other than Halo42?

Time for You to Try it!

Seeing how well the body reacts to the natural property in a variety of forms gives Copaiba super skincare appeal. And that’s why Halo42 is centered around the power of Copaiba. But don’t take our word for it. There are a variety of Halo42 products to meet your needs and see the difference Copaiba can make when it meets your skin. All that’s left to do is take that first step and give Halo 42 a try. The easiest way to start? One of our Copaiba Bundles here


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