Halo 42 Featured In Glossy

Written by: Mark Turnipseed



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We’re excited to share that Halo 42 was recently featured in Glossy’s latest article on RTRO, the newest social media platform that’s aiming to reinvent the way we connect with one another on a daily basis. Through an emphasis on mental health and the removal of addictive algorithms, RTRO is aiming to be the newest hub for people looking for a healthy, safe, and fun environment online.

What Is RTRO?

With larger platforms all undergoing significant change and users feeling more and more disconnected from one another daily, RTRO aims to change that completely. RTRO focuses on connecting users with content they actually care about, while also creating a space that users can easily connect with the brands they love and new ones yet to be discovered.

It features private group chats for you and your friends, as well as public chats to connect with creators and brands (like us!).

Halo 42 on RTRO

Halo 42 is thrilled to join RTRO, as we’ll be able to connect and chat directly with followers daily! Alongside fellow beauty brands such as Loops, Joah, Kiss Beaty, and Myvana Haircare, we’re thrilled to not only be able to connect with our followers, but to build a community of people who are interested in interweaving their mental health, wellness, and skincare together.

You’ll be able to keep up with us on everything from specials, new products, events, Q&As, and even talk directly with us whenever you have a question about any of our products. As we continue to grow our community together, you’ll be able to connect with others in our space and build new relationships with one another!

We here at Halo 42 can’t wait to hear from all of you and build rich, meaningful connections with each and every one of you! RTRO aims to enter the iOS app store this week.

You can read more about RTRO through Glossy here.