Four Reasons to Use Body Oil Over Lotion

Four Reasons to Use Body Oil Over Lotion

For most of my life, body moisture has been all about lotions and creams. Often, they come in obnoxiously big bottles and when they inevitably explode in the gym bag, the bag becomes useless. I’ve never found one body moisturizing product that checks all the boxes that I expect a body moisturizer to check, and some have even left my skin itchy and dry that I wonder how they were ever marketed as a moisturizer. Considering I have oily skin to begin with, it’s absurd that a moisturizer could ever have this effect. I thought I was just out of luck, until I began learning about oils and understanding the healing benefits of using it on the skin. 

Beyond solving the gym bag problem, I would come to find out that oils are far better for your skin. Our skin naturally produces oils, and it also responds to oils. Our skin doesn’t recognize what lotion is and surely doesn’t secrete its own lotion, and sometimes it just freaks the skin out, causing it to be agitated. 


Why it’s all about oils!

Oils Are Cleaner

As I said above, our body knows how to respond to oils. To make lotion, you have to bind oil and water with often synthetic material. Lotions also require stabilizers and preservatives. Our body simply doesn’t know how to respond to these mixtures, resulting in excess stress to the skin.

Oils Retain Moisture

Oils are considered to be lipophilic. Our body naturally produces fatty oil called sebum and if we add lotions to it, they often disrupt the natural good oil that is on our skin and doesn’t help to retain the goodness. Because a body oil is a fat, it will bind directly to the oil that the body is producing and trap the moisture in. Furthermore, an oil is less likely to cause a breakout and is better for acne or razor-bump prone skin because it’s less likely to cause irritation or trick the body into thinking it needs to create more moisture.

Absorbing the Goodness

Lotions typically sit on top of the skin while oils actually penetrate. All the good stuff that’s advertised in a lotion actually ends up evaporating or getting on your clothes. Halo 42’s body oil, on the other hand, seeps right in and within minutes you are able to feel a difference. The reason for this is the fact that oils are lipophilic, and when they encounter other fats, they mix and diffuse directly with them. The nutrients in the oil are then diffused and delivered much more efficiently than a lotion. 

Oils Are Better Protectors

The environment is full of harmful pesticides, pollution, UV rays, and smoke. These things can lead to damage and signs of aging on the skin that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Oils that have permeated the skin through the process above are literally protecting your skin from the inside out while sealing all the good within the skin. 

If you’re ready to switch to body oil, then Halo 42’s Body Elixir is a great place to start and here is why – it has copaiba which is going to help heal any damage that is already there while helping you recover from years of not protecting your skin appropriately. It also has jojoba which is going to help regulate the amount of sebum the skin already produces and create homeostasis and balance on your skin. It also has vital nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin A from rosehip oil that also bring a delicious and grounding smell. Once you try it, I am certain that you are going to love it! 

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