Cold Water & Oil

Cold Water & Oil

I know that nothing feels better than a nice splash of warm water on your face and I hear all the time from clients of mine that they just don’t enjoy rinsing with cold water. Interestingly enough, our body is more averse to heat than it is cold. Think of touching a match vs. touching an ice cube. The water on your face may not be the same extreme, but the same response occurs on a cellular level depending on varying levels of temperature. Therefore, if you can get your mind around it, cold water can become one of your best friends in your beauty journey. 

The only time cold water can potentially be ill-advised is when your face is chock-full of dust and grime.It has been said that when you splash really cold water on a dirty face, it can cause the pores to shrink and trap in residue. I’m here to tell you that I’ve been using cold water on my face for 10 years and blackheads from trapped dirt hasn’t affected my modeling career. Therefore, I don’t truly believe that the fear of using cold water should keep you from reaping the amazing benefits it has to offer!  

The truth is, hot water has a host of problems associated with it. Hot water causes the skin to become inflamed, and this inflammation is much more likely to trap in dirt and bacteria. Hot water, unlike cold water, also disrupts the natural balance of moisture on your skin and this can strip your body of its natural oils, proteins, and fats that you work so hard to maintain. In short, hot water will ultimately make you work harder for your beauty.

Meanwhile, cold water decreases inflammation and increases circulation. It will also leave behind the natural oils and fats that you want on your skin. Halo 42 skincare practices aren’t about replacing the oils on your skin, but rather complementing the oils you naturally make. The unique blend of oils in the Copaiba Elixir can serve to regulate the amount of sebum produced. In effect, the oil will go on and if you need more sebum, it will encourage the production of more, and if you need less and have oily acne-prone skin, then it will moderate the production. With some cold water and the copaiba elixir, you just can’t go wrong!

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